21st May 2017

One week ago unfortunatelly we had to say goodbye to our swissy Loyd. He will always have a special place in our hearts. He gave us a lot of healthy and beautiful offspring. Seeing their pictures in those hard days make us happier. His farewell came quickly - can you imagine that in the beginning of this year we celebrated the birth of his puppies? Loyd, thank you for all nice moments which we spent together in those 10 years. We believe it is even more beautiful and easier there on the other side of the rainbow bridge in Brina´s company. RIP my wonderful boy, you will never be forgotten. 

Karhunkierros Inzaghi "Loyd" 2. 12. 2007 - 13. 5. 2017

11th October 2016

You didn´t hear from us for a long time. The reason is a lack of time. We have a new family member Lina, who takes all our attention :) She doesn´t have 4 legs and she doesn´t bark, although she makes our days even more beautiful. What I am the most happy for is that Lina and doggies became really good friends. Thankfully dogs are not jealous, they compete for Lina´s attention. Loma and Loyd love when Lina pulls their hair and when she feeds them with apples. It looks like Lina will be a real kinologyst - like mother like daugter :) - she already shows excessive enthusiasm about dogs (poor dady) :) 


3th October 2015

We took part in two dog shows (international one and speciality) in Lipica with Jack:


CACIB Lipica: excellent, 1st place, JCAC, JBOB, Jack became junior champion of Slovenia
Speciality SKVPM: excellent, 2nd placce

Congratulations Jack! 


Some photos of our Loyd, Loma and Neli after a long time:

At Vršiču pass (Neli, Loyd, Loma)

Tired Loma and Loyd at Voščca

Loma and Loyd at Voščca

Loyd and Loma in Planica

15th September 2015

After a long time also some cavalier news :) 

Our son Uneek Zgornjesavski visited us- he is such a handsome boy! He looks exactly like his father!

Uneek Zgornjesavski

Love between mom and son :)

15th September 2015

We are happy to announce that Jack (Durango Zgornjesavski Clark´s Future) is HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, which means he is free of all joints diseases. He also successfully passed breeding exam with the best grade. He is now available for stud.


Jack and Marjana took part in dog show CAC Obala, where Jack won excellent, 1st place, CAC, JBOB, BOS and BOB! The way to go Jack and Marjana!

21th June 2015

We participated international dog show in Bled with our Jack - Durango Zgornjesavski Clark´s Future.

With only 11 months he won excellent, 1st place, JCAC, JBOB and BOS and achieved title best swissy male of the show (there were also older dogs and champions in competition). We were glad that the judge saw Jack´s show potential. He is really nicely developed for his age. He will be big boned and strong male dog when he fully grows up. 

After dog show - Jack, Neli, Loma, Loyd

20th June 2015

Unfortunatelly our Loma is not pregnant again :( At the moment we do not plan any litters in near future.  

27th April 2015

Our Loma hurried up with her heating. We hope that this time we finally made some puppies. We have to wait for an ultrasound check to confirm the pregnancy. Until then we can only hope that it was successful :)

If everything goes fine this time, the father of our future puppies will be a beautiful stud dog Ch Cerber Refugium Polonica.

Paloma Zgornjesavska "Loma"
(HD A, ED 0, OCD 0), more about Loma
Ch. Cerber Refugium Polonica (HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, slovenian champion in beauty)

In the case that the mating was sucessful, puppies will be born around 20. 6. 2015! We accept reservations. 

11th March 2015

An ultrasound showed that unfortunatelly our Loma is not pregnant.  We will try to mate her again in her next heating. If we will have more luck next time, our puppies will be born in summer 2015. 

Some freshest photos of our Loma added to her gallery

We participated an international dog show CACIB Celje with our coownership male dog Jack (Durango Zgornjesavski Clark´s Future). It was very first exhibiton for our Jack and he did it very well winning very promising, 1st place, BOB puppy. Some photos from CACIB Celje here. And some freshest Jack´s photos also in his gallery. As you can see Jack doesn´t look like a puppy anymore. If he will continue growing up so nicely, he will really become a giant swissy :) 

29th January 2015

Swissy puppies expected!

Previous weekend we went to Vienna with our Loma (Paloma Zgornjesavska) where she met a beautiful austrian champion, stud dog named CH. Timo From Swiss Star. Timo is big boned, giant and strong swissy with very friendly and open character.  The same as Loma also Timo has the best heath results (hips, elbows, shoulders - free of all diseases).

If the mating was successfull, puppies will be born by the end of March 2015. More at page puppies. We accept reservations!

Paloma Zgornjesavska "Loma"
(HD A, ED 0, OCD 0), more about Loma
Ch. Timo From Swiss Star (HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, eyes ok, Austrian champion in beauty)

And what is more also our stud dog Loyd will be father again. He mated a beautiful female named Vivi od Svisart. For additional information feel free to contact us.

Loyd and Vivi

20th November 2014

Our first cavalier puppies are already in their new homes. We found perfect new owners and we are so happy for that! Uška went to the breeders of her mummy - to the kennel Nella´s cavaliers where she will have many joyful cavaliers to play with :) Uma (now Misu) moved to Texas, USA wth Jana and Nejc. Luckily we will be able to see her often.  Usher moved to Logatec and he will be able to tease Tina and Domen and Uneek will be playful company to Gregor and Tanja in Domažale. 

You will be able to see their progress on their own subpages soon.


Let´s continue with swissies. In the beginning of September we have brought fresh bloodline (with russian-american-czech roots) to Slovenia (far away in his pedigree it is also possible to find our Brina :)). Let us introduce you a cute little puppy named Durango Zgornjesavski Clark´s Future, shortly "Jack". He will live with my coowners. We hope that he will be healthy and that he will grow up nicely so he might be able to refresh slovenian breeding. We also look forward to take part in dog exhibitions with him.

More about Jack here.


Time flies and we lack of time to update our webpage. Although we should share with you some nice and fresh photos of our beauty Loyd. He will turn 7 in December and he is stil in a very good shape. Take a look :)

17th March 2014

Our cavalier puppies have been outside on the sun for the first time in their life! They liked it very much. Now they have around 1 kg already.

Uneek, Uma, Uška and Usher

More photos here.

1st March 2014

We added new photos of our little cavaliers! Noses are already colouring to black and soon they will start seeing. They are putting on weight nicely, they have around 400 g already. Every day they are quter :)

Photos here.

24th February 2014

We have cavalier king charles spaniel puppies!

We finnally got them! 5 beautiful puppies, 3 males and 2 females were born February 17th.
Their names are Uška, Uma, Usher, Umek and Uneek Zgornjesavski.

They are all doing great in getting on weight nicely. 

Photos and more information about our U-litter here. Some puppies still available. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

25th January 2014

Recently a lot of things is going on and we lack of time to update our website. I hope you do not mind :)

One month ago we travelled with our cavalier Neli to a beautiful city named Szeged, situated in the border between Romania, Hungary and Serbia. We drove 1500 km in one day just to let Neli to meet a lovely cavalier boy Oli there (his pedigree name Multi CH Bonitos Companers Imperator). Now we can confirm the pregnancy and announce that our first cavalier king charles spaniel litter is going to be born by the end of February! We accept reservations already! 

CHJ Slo Nella´s Cavaliers Dillie "Neli" and Multi CH Bonitos Companeros Imperator "Oli" 

Mother: ChJ Slo Nella´s Cavaliers Dillie "Neli"

Eyes: clear
Patellas: 0/0 (clear)
DNK test episodic falling (done in England): negative, not a carrier, ni prenašalka
DNK test dry eye (done in England): negative, not a carrier, ni prenašalka
DNK test curly coat (done in England): negative, not a carrier, ni prenašalka
Heart: checked in 2013, no signs of myxomatous degeneration

Show successes: junior champion of Slovenia JCH SLO, opened CH SLO, 2 × VP, 5 × excellent, 2 × BOB puppy, 3 × JCAC, 2 × JBOB, 1 × CAC, 1 × RCACIB, 4th place young females at world dog show Budapest 2013. 

Father: UK Ch, Int Ch, EW'10 Bonitos Companeros Imperator "Oli"

Eyes: clear
Patellas: 0/0 (clear)
Heart: checked, no diseases

Show successes: champion of England, Hungary, Bolgaria, Montenegro, Makedonia, Serbia, Romania, the Netherlands ... European champion 2010, international champion, club champion many times, junior champion of Hungary, Luxemburg, BIS winner many times ...

We accept reservations!


We visited our two beloved children - Salvador Zgornjesavski "Mat" and Kessie Zgornjesavska. Mat looks exactly like his father Loyd, and Kessie is the same as Brina :) We enjoyed very much, thank you Brežnik family. 

Kessie Zgornjesavska and Salvador Zgornjesavski "Mat"


We had to say goodbye to Klark, the last male dog out of our first litter :( Klark was not only the most successful show dog in Slovenia, but he was also one of the top show dogs in the world among greater swiss mountain dogs. We feel very sorry for him. RIP our little Charlie!

Klark Zgornjesavski, BIS 1st place CAC Hrušica 2009

7th October 2013

Our cavalier Neli passed a breding exam successfully! Her health results are perfect: eyes - completely ok, patellas 0/0, heart ultrasound - no signs of MM degeneration, DNK test for diseases episodic fallin, curly coat and dry eye - negative and she is not a carrier.

Juhuhu! We are very happy. Her first litter is planned for spring / summer 2014. 


We received a nice photo of our Klark, son of our Brina (thanks Jana). At national dog show CAC Trbovlje he won BIS veterans 3th place. Congrats Klark and Živa!

(source: www.mojpes.net)


We took part in international dog show in Koper. It was more than great weekend!

1st day:
Multi Ch. Maxi Zgornjesavski - excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOS, became new champion of Slovenia CH SLO
Fatima Dreams of Katrin (daughter of Maxi) - excellent, 1st place, JCAC, JBOB, BOS, BOB, BOG TOP 8, became junior champion of Slovenia JCH SLO
Salomon Zgornjesavski "Leo" - very good 1st place (with a very nice description, he didn´t want to show teeth, it was his first show)
Nella´s Cavaliers Dillie "Neli" - excellent, 1st plae, CAC, RCACIB (17 cavaliers registered / 12 females).
There was also Loyd´s grandson Job Lepa Anka participating the show, result excellent 1st place, CAC, RCACIB.

2nd day:
Multi Ch. Maxi Zgornjesavski - excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Mediteran Winner
Fatima Dreams of Katrin - excellent, 1st place, JCAC, JBOB, BOS, BOB, Mediteran Winner

Maxi Zgornjesavski - Fatima Dreams of Katrin - Salomon Zgornjesavski

Nellas´s Cavaliers Dillie "Neli" (the first on left)

Congrats to all owners. We are very proud of Zgornjesavska dogs and their progeny :)

Photos HERE.


And here are also some fresh photos of our boy Loyd


Loyd with his new friends from the Netherlands, Blondie and Bandhu

3th September 2013

You didn´t hear from us for a long time. The reason are all sad things which happened in last months.

July 9th 2013 we suddenlly and unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our best friend Brina. We miss her very much.  Brina was the leading bitch in our breeding and our very first swissy. She made us fell in love with this wonderful breed. With her masculine appearance and gentle character she charmed everyone. People around the world described her as a legend and as a »real« swissy. And this is what our Brina truly was. We will never forget all the good times we spent together. We will never forget wonderful offspring she gave, her smile and expression on her face. We will never forget her waging tail and happy barking, nor her constant desire for cuddling. Brina, the legend, will always have a large place in our hearts.

Brina, thank you for all these wonderful moments. Rest in peace and hope you still keep an eye on us!

brina slovo.jpg

We lost Brina due to bad reaction to Certifect ampoules for protection agains ticks.  It is hard for me to write about that, but I would like to inform all the people to be careful. In next days I am going to publish a natural recipe against ticks which can be used as an alternative.


Sadly, also Brina´s son Bond (Luks Zgornjesavski) went over the rainbow bridge unexpectedly. He went way to soon. I hope he is playing together with Brina now. Bond, you will never be forgotten, RIP!


I am also very sorry but I have to inform all the people that unfortunatelly we will have no puppies this year. Neither Osty nor Rona are not pregnant. We have in plan to repeat the mating in 4 months.

I hope that this terrible period ended. I believe I will soon be able to publish more encouraging news.

1st July 2013

After 1 year we´ve got a visit from Czech Republic again. Our Maxi Zgornjesavski with his daughter Fatima Dreams of Catherine and owners Katrin and Peter visited us! It was so nice to see them all again.

Peter - Maxi - Katrin - Fatima - Brina - Loyd

Maxi Zgornjesavski & Fatima Dreams of Catherine

We took part in 2 international dog shows in Bled and our Maxi Zgornjesavski showed himself in his best light again. First day he won excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB. 

Best GSMD male and best GSMD female (Maxi left)

Second day a nice female bitch stole BOB from him, but Maxi was although ranged as excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOS. Because he won CACIB two days in a row, he also became Karawanken winner for the year 2013.

             Maxi Zgornjesavski                                  Fatima Dreams of Katrin                                         

Also his daughter (our granddaughter) Fatima was very successful both days. She won 2 × excellent, 1st, 2 × CAJC. Congrats, we are very proud of Maxi and his progeny!


We received some nice photos of Loyd´s children with slovenian dam named Taya. They got 10 beautiful and correctly coloured puppies. Some puppies are still looking for the right owners. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

31th May 2013

TWO LITTERS EXPECTED! We successfully mated our Rona Zgornjesavska (HD A/B, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0). Father of puppies will be Gabor v.d. Weiakkers (HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, eyes OK, mental test excellent A), a beautiful stud dog from the Netherlands. If mating was successful puppies will be born in the beginning of August, that means 3 weeks after the litter of our Osty will be born. We are so excited! Thanks to my coowners the Capuder family for giving me an opportunity to realize this mating.

Gabor v.d. Weiakkers

More information in section puppies.


We participated World Dog Show in Budapest with our cavalier Neli. There were many beautiful cavaliers registered, app. 90 in total. Neli did a great job and won excellent 4th place in strong junior class. We were so happy for that! Thanks to Ana for hendling and a nice presenation of our Neli. You are a wonderful team! 

We also did some sightseeing in Budapest and besides this we also visited our grandson Arnold the swissy. Thank you Eva for your invitation and hospitality.

Here you can find more photos from Budapest. 


Previous weekend we also took part in dog show CAC Hrušica with our Neli. She won junior class (JCAC) and junior best of breed (JBOB) and became slovenian junior champion in beauty (JCH SLO). Good done, my girl!

Photos from CAC Hrušica here.

11th May 2013

We are happy to annouce that after a long time we EXPECT PUPPIES

Mother: Osty Zgornjesavska (HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, CAC winner at european club dog show and RCAC at european dog show 2010)

Father: Gabor v.d. Weiakkers  (HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, eyes OK, mental test excellent, he lives in the Netherlands)

Combination was carefully chosen. 

If everything goes well, puppies will be born in the beginning of July 2013 and will be ready for a delivery in the middle of September. We accpect reservations for two litters. Second litter is planned one month after the first one. More information will be known soon. 

At this point I have to say special thanks to Mireille for all her help with the mating and for answers to all my questions, and of course special thanks to my coowners the Kovač family for realizing my crazy ideas :-)

1st May 2013

We received x-ray results of our Rona Zgornjesavska! She is completely free of displasya, results HD A/B, ED 0/0 and 0CD 0/0. We are very happy! Rona passed a breeding exam successfully and we are glad to announce that her first litter is planned for this summer! 

Breeding exam with Rona

We have more encouraging news. Two puppies out of our S-litter have already been x-rayed - Sissi Zgornjesavska and Sydney Zgornjesavska. Sissi is HD A/A, ED 0/0 and OCD 0/0, mental test done with excellence. We are still waiting for an official x-ray results of Sydney, but the vet said it looks pretty nice.  We are very happy.

What is more, we also received health results from Germany. Also Loyd´s son Nero is officially completely healthy: HD A, ED 0 and OCD 0. We met Nero previous weekend in Salzburg after a long time. Nero´s owners invited us to the international dog show in Salzburg. Nero surprised me with an attractive appearance and wonderful character. At the show he won excellent, 1st place, CACA and rCACIB. Beautiful dog! Thanks to the owners of Nero, we really enjoyed in Salzburg. 

Nero at IHA Salzburg 2013 - CACA, RCACIB 

Of course we were not alone in Salzburg. We took our youngest with us - Neli the cavalier. Again she won the young class but this time with a very good grade. The judge said she need time to mature but she is on the good way to the nice show results. Some photos from Salzburg HERE.

In next months we have a lot of dog shows in plan. We will also participate world dog show in Budapest in the middle of May. You will hear from us as soon as we come back. Keep your fingers crossed!

14th January 2013

We took part in international dog show CACIB Ljubljana. Our cavalier Neli won excellent, 1st place and title JCAC again. Besides this she competed in junior handling with junior handler Ana. They did more than great, especially if we consider that this was their very first personal meeting. 

It was wonderful show day for Zgornjesavska kennel. Also our greater swiss mountain dog Klark ("puppy" out of our first litter) won BOB in the age of 8 years! What is more, he also won best in show veterans 1st place. Bravo, Klark!

Photos from CACIB HERE and from special dog show HERE.


We also added some photos from past dog shows in sections:  

Brina dog shows,
Loyd dog shows,
Rona dog shows,
Osty dog shows,
Kessie dog shows.


And to finish we are also publishing some pics with friends.  

        Taj - Loyd - Brina                                                Rona - Lu - Loyd - Brina                                         

 Brina - Loyd - Taj - Gaby &  Aleš - Janja - Darka

24th December 2012

We wish Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013 to all visitors of our webpage!

13th December 2012

We celebrated Loyd´s 5th birthday. Time flies by!  We wish him to be healthy and naughty for a long time :-)

CHJ Karhunkierros Inzaghi "Loyd"

This time we participated in dog show CACIB Celje with our cavalier Neli. She did more than great and exceeded all our expectations. She won excellent 1st place, JCAC and JBOB. Besides this we brought home a beautiful cup :) Thanks to Zvonka and Urša-Hana for all photos and movies! 

Nella´s Cavaliers Dillie "Neli" - junior winner and junior best of breed 

More photos from the show HERE.


We would like to inform everyone that a beautiful swissy named "Izzy Quaterworld" (HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, excellent body mark) is available for stud. Stud requires through Kennel Zgornjesavska.


Mother: Multi CH Banjin from Eagle Hills (HD A/A, ED 0/0)
Father: JCH Gran Vencedor Centurion (HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0)

27th November 2012

We took part in international dog show Vrtojba with our cavalier puppy Neli (Nella´s Cavaliers Dillie). She did it well again, she got nice description and won very promising 1st place and BOB puppy again. We were very happy for this success, especially because the judge was breed specialist. You can find some photos from the show HERE.

Our next show will be in Celje soon. Neli will compete in junior class for the first time. 

She also got her own page at our website. 


Our Klark (son of Brina out of our first litter) is still in a very good shape, despite the fact that he is more than 8 years. In August at dog show Trbovlje he won titles best veteran of the breed,  BOB, BIS veteran 1st place, BOG 1st place and BIS 3th place. To add he was on podium again in Zagreb a few weeks ago when winning BIS veterans 2nd place. Klark is definitely the most successful slovenian swissy, congrats Živa!

21st October 2012

In last few months, many things happened. We celebrated Brina´s 10th Birthday (all the best, my sweet Brina!), we were watching the development of our little cavalier Neli and began with her training in puppy school KD Fido. We walked a lot in the mountains during summer and participated some international dog shows in Slovenia and abroad. Besides this we have been on unforgettable visit in New York. We visited Loyd´s son and his family.

Brina´s 10th Birthday (dog cake was not missing) :-)

But better to start with all the details at the beginning. 

In the middle of June two international dog shows were held in our surroundings, CACIB Bled and CACIB Klagenfurt. I was very happy to host kennel Dreams of Cathrine from Czech Republic. Katrin, her son Pietr and two beaiutiful swissies - our Maxi Zgornjesavski and his wife Ambrossia Dreams of Cathrine stayed with us. We took part in both shows and spend wonderful weekend together. 

There was also our Oscar Zgornjesavski participating dog show in Bled, otherwise he lives in Croatia. I was very proud of both boys because they both did just great in their homeland. Results:
Maxi Zgornjesavski: excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Oscar Zgornjesavski: excellent, 2nd place, RCAC, RCACIB

Ch. Oscar Zgornjesavski (left) and Ch. Maxi Zgornjesavski (right)

More photos from CACIB Bled HERE.
Next day we went to Klagenfurt, Austria. Results:

Maxi Zgornjesavski: excellent, 2nd place, RCACA, RCACIB
Karhunkierros Inzaghi "Loyd": excellent, 1st place, CACA

After the show we went to swim in the lake Wörtersee. It was really a hot day and we deserved it so much! We have been great attraction there.

Karhunkierros Inzaghi "Loyd", Wörtersee, Klagenfurt

More photos from Klagenfurt HERE.
I would like to say special thanks to my beautiful sister Neža and to my friends Sanja, Aleš and Maja for all the help at these shows, for cheering and photoshooting and more :) You guys are wonderful! 

This year our vacation was a bit different than normally. When we got our cavalier puppy Neli, I emailed some photos of her to my friends Susan and Doug. They live in New York and are the owners of Loyd´s son Drugi and another slovenian swissy called Bogi. I think we really became wonderful friends in last few years. They answered my email and let me know that also their son Gregg is searching for a cavalier puppy. And so it happened! In the middle of August me and my boyfriend Igor flew to New York with Gregg´s new cavalier puppy named Goofy Nella´s Cavaliers. I was very happy to see Susan, Doug and their swissies Drugi and Bogi after a long time. Drugi and Bogi became real "machos", I love them very much! During our staying there we also visited Matterhorn kennel and their 13 adult swissies. I thought I was in heaven :-) Besides Long Island and Manhattan me and Igor travelled to Washington and later also to Philadelphia and had some sightseeing. But the best part was watching an american football game at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey! We don´t know how to say thanks to Susan and Doug for everything what they did for us, for accomodation, delicious food, sightseeing, advises, taxi, football ticets, all gifts and unforgettable experience! THANK YOU!

Goofy Nella´s Cavaliers and Igor                                    Igor, Bogi and Drugi

                   Drugi and Bogi                                            Visiting Matterhorn kennel, Long Island 

More about our trip to America HERE.

Previous weekend we took part in international dog show in Koper. It was first show for our Neli and she did more than great! She won very promising, 1st place and BOB puppy. I was very proud of her! We also met Neli´s sister Naja (Donna Nella´s Cavaliers) at the show and owners of our Leo (Salomon Zgornjesavski). We hope to see Leo as a competitor next time :-) 

Dillie Nella´s Cavaliers "Neli": very promising, 1st place, BOB puppy
Karhunkierros Inzaghi "Loyd": excellent, 1st place

Thanks to my Igor for all the help at the show!

And to finish I must also inform you that our Neli will soon got her own page under this website where you will find some photos of her, results and more. Come back soon!

29th May 2012

You didn´t hear from us for a long time. The reason for this is lack of time. A new family member Neli (Dillie Nella´s Cavaliers) joined us. Neli is my grandmother´s new cavalier king charles spaniel puppy and a new friend of Brina and Loyd. She is a real little clown and she charmes everyone. Brina thinks she is too hyperactive, and Loyd can hardly follow her mischief as well. She has a nice character and she is already learing good manners from Brina and Loyd. Soon we will participate some dog shows with her because we want her to be as socialized as possible. We think exhibitions are perfect place for that.

Dillie Nella´s Cavaliers "Neli"

With Loyd we took part in dog show CAC Hrušica previous weekend. Loyd got and excellent body mark.  

Loyd at CAC Hrušica

We also received wonderful news. Our Klark (son of our Brina) participated world dog show Salzburg 2012 and he won VICE WORLD CHAMPION title for a third time. We are very happy! Way to go Klark! There were more than 60 swissies entered from all over the world. Also our Maxi Zgornjesavski took part in the show. He won an excellent body mark in a big champion class. Congrats to both!

           Klark Zgornjesavski - vice world champion 2012              Maxi Zgornjesavski - excellent

Some photos of puppies out of combination Loyd × Lolita (owner B. Tamše) bellow. Aren´t they sweet? A male and a female puppy still available. They are ready for delivery. For details fell free to contact us. 

8th April 2012

A couple of days ago Igor, Maja, Robert and me went to Rijeka, Croatia, to take part in a national dog show with our Loyd. Loyd got an excellent body mark and we spent some really good time at the seaside. Photos HERE. We also had a short meeting with our Lars Zgornjesavski and his owners.

Loyd at dog show Rijeka, Croatia

Lars Zgornjesavski

We are very happy that we can annouce the health results of our Pirs Zgornjesavski - he is HD A, ED 0, OCD 0. He also passed a breeding exam successfully and is now available for stud.  

Three weeks ago we visited Loyd´s puppies with dam Taya. They are so sweet. Two females are still available out of this litter.  


And to finish, our Loyd became father to next 5 little swissies. 4 females and 1 male were born to dam Lolita. Pictures coming soon.

11th February 2012

Loyd and Taya became parents to 9 beautiful puppies. 5 girls and 4 boys were born. They will be ready for delivery in the beginning of April. Some pups still available.


Congrats to Loyd´s son Nero (mother Tara). He took part in his first dog show in Nürnberg and won very promising, 1st place and JBOB. It is necessary to mention that he is only 6 months old and many dogs were registered. Congratulations and keep going this way!

We added individual pages of Tas and Tar. They both are doing great.

15th December 2011

Our puppy Tar Zgornjesavski is also in a new, warm home! We are very happy that we found the right owners for him as well. 

We wish merry Christmas and all the best in 2012 to all our website visitors and to all doggies and their owners! 

10th December 2011

Tas Zgornjesavski is already in new home. From now on he will live in Italy. We already received a report and a photo from a new home. He is doing very well.  

Tas Zgornjesavski in a new home


Congrats to our Oscar Zgornjesavski "Cooper". He participated two international dog exhibitions in Zagreb, both times he won. With that results he became a champion of Croatia - CH HR. Good done, Josip and Cooper!

1st day: excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB
2nd day: excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Zagreb winner, champion of Croatia CH HR

Ch. Oscar Zgornjesavski 

We would like to congratulate also to our Pamela Zgornjesavska "Ajda" and her owner for passing ISP C (obedience, defence, tracking) exam successfully! Ajda is the first dog out of our breeding with this exam. Bravo!

Congrats also to Salomon Zgornjesavski "Leo" and his leader Lara, and to Simba Zgornjesavska and her leader Anita for passing puppy school exam successufully! Way to go! 

14th November 2011

We took part in international dog show Vrtojba. It was very succesful for our Loyd - he won excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB and BOB (best of breed). Way to go, my boy!

We didn´t wait for BOG final, we decided to make a trip along Primorska region (a part of Slovenia) instead. We met Bond (Luks Zgornjesavski) and his owners, visited Leo (Salomon Zgornjesavski) and probably last time this year saw the sea. It was fantastic!

Some photos from the exhibition are HERE.

Salomon Zgornjesavski "Leo" with his daddy Loyd 

Luks Zgornjesavski "Bond" with his owner 


We added new photos of Tas and Tar in the age of 7 weeks!

4th November 2011

New photos of our T - litter in the age of 4 and 5 weeks!


In section "Greater Swiss" we added a list of GSMD stud dogs.


There are new photos of Salomon, Salvador, Sydney, Runy, Rona, Pirs and Palma.


Some autumn photos of Brina and Loyd:

22nd Oktober 2011

After a long time of no hearing from us (problems with computer), we are back again! We have a lot of "Zgornjesavska" news to share. 

To  start with, we must announce that dog from our breeding – Klark became EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2011! It is the second time in a row (he is also european champion 2010). Dog show took place in the Netherlands and a lot of beautiful swissies were registered. We would like to congratulate to the owner and to the handler. We are very proud of Klark being the most beautiful swissy in Europe for the second time in a row! :-)

Klark Zgornjesavski (left)- european champion and BOB winner at European dog show 2011,
Gran Vencedor Beatriss (right)

We would also like to share two short movies from the European show. HERE you can see the judging and Klark winning champion class and HERE you can take a look at Klark winning best of breed title. Many thanks to Finn for sending us all the photos and movies!

Besides this Klark is also the first slovenian swissy who finished FCI Centenary championship (only titles from the most important dog shows (world dog shows, european dogs etc.) counts for this championship). Congrats!

To add, we must announce, that we got puppies! Only two puppies were born this time, both are males. Please welcome Tas and Tar Zgornjesavski! Mummy Liza is very careful mother, and the little ones are so big already! In the age of 3,5 weeks they already have around 4200 g! You can see more photos of them in section T- litter!

Tas and Tar Zgornjesavski

Next, we got x-rays of
Pamela and Park Zgornjesavski. Pamela is HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0 with extra praise for extremely clear joints and Park is HD B/B, ED 0/0, 0CD 0/0. Both of them successfully passed breeding exam which means that they are now permitted for breeding. So Park (european junior champion 2010) is now available for stud. For details do no hesitate to contact us. 

Some photos from the breeding exam:

Pamela Zgornjesavska (HD A/A, ED 0/0, 0CD 0/0), excellent body mark

Park Zgornjesavski (HD B/B, ED 0/0, 0CD 0/0), excellent body mark

Trisha (Loyd´s daughter, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, eyes OK),
excellent body mark

We also received many photos of our puppies in new homes. We will publish them in next days. Thanks everyone for sending them to us!

Nero, Loyd´s son, Germany

29th August 2011

Liza´s pregnancy is now confirmed by ultrasound! Puppies are expected around 1st October.

Happy news also from New York. Drugi (CH. Dark), son of our Loyd and grandson of our Brina, became champion of America and he is only 2 years old! Congrats to owners! We are looking forward to some photos of a new champion.

We also added individual pages with photos of our S-puppies. All of them are enjoying new homes. We also received a short movie of our Sissi Zgornjesavska, some photos of Pamela Zgornjesavska and health results of our Cooper (Oscar Zgornjesavski) - he is HD, ED in OCD - free

Oscar Zgornjesavski 

1st August 2011

We are very happy to announce our new expected GSMD litter! We decided to repeat the combination which gave european junior champion and slovenian junior champion. Liza and Loyd are expecting babies in the start of October 2011! More about puppies here. We already accept reservations.


We received some fresh photos of puppies of our stud dog Loyd with dam Tara. Puppies are 1 month old already. Some males are still looking for new homes (females are reserved). If there is some interest for them, you can contact a breeder directly +386 612 055 (Robert) or contact me and I will provide you more information about puppies. 


Sad news from Czech. Life is unfair sometimes :(

Karon, you will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace, sweetheart!  

27 July 2011

We are back from 4 Split summer night dog shows, Croatia! We participated in all 4 shows with our Loyd, 2 international and 2 national. We brought a nice snack of titles at home -  3 × CAC HR and 2 × CACIB. With that results Loyd opened croatian and international championship. 

Split summer shows are known that they begin in the evening and finish in the middle of the night. The reason for that are high daily temperatures. At this point we would like to say all the compliments to organizers, because everything was perfectly held. Good done, guys! 

Karhunkierros Inzaghi "Loyd" 

During the shows, we were staying in the camp with Loyd, which was located door to door from the showground. It was perfect, because we were able to go to the showground by foot. Once we were even so late that we missed the judging. Luckily the judge decided to judge our Loyd after the titles have been awarded. 

Back to camping. Loyd has proved to be very unproblematic dog. Probably he was "themostgooddog" in the camp. He had no problems living with other dogs and unknown people in the camp. He was one of the few dogs that didn´t bark in the camp. Most of the time he was not on the leash and he never moved from the parcel, despite the fact that people walked by all the time with their four-legged friends. This is excellent socialization training for dogs!

Since the camp is located at the mouth of the river we even didn´t have any problems with swimming. Loyd could swim in the sea and in the river as well. Also the weather was dog-friendly, without extremely high temperatures. Excellent vacation at croatian coast!

Some photos from Split HERE.


All our puppies are in their new homes already. Salvador went to Croatia, Sissi to Poland, other puppies are staying in Slovenia. Good luck, little cuties! We already received some photos from new homes, but we will publish them in the next days.

16 July 2011

New photos of our S-litter.  The first two puppies are going to new homes tomorrow, all others to follow. It will be difficult, but we are happy because we find wonderfull new homes for them. This is the most important thing for a breeder.

11 July 2011

There some new photos of Loyd´s puppies with dam Tara at Loyd´s page. Some males are still available - do not hesitate to contact us for details.

4 July 2011

Our puppies are 6 weeks old now. Soon they will leave us. We are publishing some fresh photos

We would also like to introduce Gea - a new friend of Brina and Loyd. Gea is my uncle´s new family member, taken from animal shelter. 

Welcome Gea!

Another exciting news for the end. Our Loyd became father to 8 beautiful puppies, 5 males and 3 females. 

24 June 2011

Our S litter is 5 weeks old now. They are so lovely. We are publishing aditional photos, taken in the age 3, 4 and 5 weeks. 

During this time they have started to eat independently and have been outside at the sun already. The new owners have already visited them for the first time.

13 June 2011

What a fantastic weekend!

We took part in two international dog shows with our Loyd (CACIB Bled). Loyd was really successful:
1st day: excellent 2, rCAC and rCACIB
2nd day: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB (best of breed)

We didn´t go to final BIS ring, because it was too hot for our Loyd. Photos are situated here and here.

Thanks to both judges for all titles, to my father for all his help at the show, to Sanja for taking photos of us, to our spectators for rooting and for a good company. We spend really good time at the show.

At this point we would like to congratulate our friends Susan and Doug and their Bogi. Bogi became the first slovenian swissy who finished american championship! Congrats!

8 June 2011

Fresh photos of our S - litter again. Now they are 3 weeks old.  

4 June 2011

New photos of our S - litter. They are all doing well. They opened their eyes already and their noses are becoming dark. They are so sweet ...

31 May 2011

Great success of our Loyd at national dog show CAC Hrušica! 

Loyd won excellent, 1st place, CAC, best of breed BOB and BOG II 4th-8th place!

             Loyd (Karhunkierros Inzaghi)                   Rona, Lu and the winner Loyd (+ Albin and Katja)

Thanks to my father Albin for hendling Loyd in the final ring and all his help during the show. 

Also our Rona Zgornjesavska took part in this show and won excellent 2nd place
Special thanks to the Capuder family for bringing our Rona to the show.

Congrats also to my friend Matic and his Helen Troy for winning junior class. 

Some photos from the show are situated HERE

CAC Hrušica is remaining our favourite dog show also in the future.

22. may 2011

Finnaly! Later as we expected, but they are here! 5 beautiful puppies were born, 2 boys and 3 girls.
They are doing great. Osty is very good and careful mother.

They already have names. Males are Salvador and Salomon Zgornjesavski, females are Simba, Sissi and Sydney Zgornjesavska.

All puppies are already reserved. More about our S- litter here.

17. may 2011

We are still waiting for Osty´s puppies. Today it is the 64th day of pregnancy and everything is still calm ... We should wait a little bit more.

11. may 2011

We would like to share with you some photos of Loyd´s puppies (mother Nola Zgornjesavska). Thanks to Uroš for sending them to me. Now it will be easier for us to wait Osty´s puppies. They will be born in 1 week.

Adult female on the picture bellow is Diva, Loyd´s daughter from the first litter with Nola. 

8. may 2011

Our website is renewed! 
We hope you like it. We will be happy to read your comments in our guest book

Many thanks to Robert for a design.

8. may 2011

Pluton Zgornjesavski has been successful at international dog show Maribor once again. He won excellent, 1st place, CAC and CACIB.  Congrats!

7. may 2011

Osty´s pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound. Puppies will be born in 10 days.

Osty Zgornjesavska and her belly


Great success of our Cooper (
Oscar Zgornjesavski). 
He won in two international dog shows in Zadar. He was best of breed both days! Results: 
excellent 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB. Soon he will be champion of Croatia as well.

19. april 2011

Very successful weekend for our Pluton Zgornjesavski behind. He took part in dog show CAC Barje. Only 1,5 year old boy won in competition to all other swissies - he was best of breed!

excellent, 1st place, junior winner PRM; best of breed BOB

With this result Pluton became junior champion of Slovenia CH J. SLO
Congrats Pluton and Patricia!


Pluton Zgornjesavski


Loyd and CH J. Nola Zgornjesavska got puppies. Pictures soon! 

17. march 2011

We would like to share some fresh photos of our Copper (Oscar Zgornjesavski), who lives with his owner in Croatia. He became very handsome boy. Oscar is available for stud.

Oscar Zgornjesavski

10. march 2011

Rona Zgornjesavska and Lu Zgornjesavska visited us. 
Rona is very active swissy with full of energy, but in a contradition to Rona, Lu is very calm.

Rona, Brina, Loyd and Lu

Lux - son of Loyd and Asta also visited us. He grew up so much since we saw him for the last time.

Loyd, Brina and Lux

Previous weekend we took a trip to Srednji Vrh, small village in the surroundings of Gozd Martuljek.
It was beautiful, dogs enjoyed very much!

Katja, Brina and Loyd

19. january 2011

Pluton Zgornjesavski and Patricia took part in international dog show Ljubljana. They were very successful:
excellent 1st place, young winner PRM,
 junior best of breed JBOB! 

Congratulations! One more PRM title and Pluton will be junior champion of Slovenia!

30. november 2010

We visited Loyd´s puppies with dam Tana. They are so sweet. We almost stole one of them :) 

In the behining of November, our Loyd became father to another litter with dam Dona od Radovne. That is second litter of Dona and Loyd. The first litter was nice and healthy, that is why the breeder decided to repeat the combination.

We visited Loyd´s daughter Trisha, beautiful young female. We are sharing one photo:
Albin and Trisha


We also have some great show news. 

Firstly, news from Czech: our Maxi Zgornjesavski had very successful weekend. He entered three dog shows in Zagreb. He won best of breed title (BOB) at all three dog shows! 
With this results he became 
croatian club winner and champion of Croatia CH HR
Congratulations Maxi and Katrin!

Special dog show Zagreb: 
excellent, 1st place, CAC, club winner, BOB, BIS 5th place
CACIB Zagreb 1: 
excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB, croatian champion CH HR
CACIB Zagreb 2: 
excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Zagreb winner 2010

Secondly, there are happy news from USA too. Loyd´s son and Brina´s grandson Drugi is very close toward his american championship. He only needs one more major point to receive this important title. Congratulations, our fingers are crossed for one more point. 

  Major winner Drugi 

To finish, there are some news from Slovenia. This weekend there was international dog show in Vrtojba. That was the first dog show for our Pluton Zgornjesavski and he was very successful, 
he received title 
junior winner PRM. Loyd´s daugther and Brina´s granddaugter Diva also won 
junior winner PRM title and JBOB With that result she became junior champion of Slovenia JCH SLO. Best of breed BOB title won our Klark. I would like to congratulate all of them! 

Pluton Zgornjesavski: 
excellent, 1st place, junior winner PRM
excellent, 1st place, junior winner PRM, JBOB, junior champion of Slovenia
excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Congratulations to Damjana and Pirs Zgornjesavski - they passed obedience exam A successfully!

8. november 2010


Previous week we took part in two important dog shows, european club dog show and european dog show 2010.
Results of Zgornjesavska dogs are excellent.

European club dog show - our dogs:
Karhunkierros Inzaghi (open):
excellent, 3th place
Klark (champions):
excellent, 3th place
Maxi Zgornjesavski (champions):
excellent, 4th place
Diva - Loyd´s daughter (young):
excellent, 1st place, young winner PRM, European club junior winner 2010
Osty Zgornjesavska (open):
excellent, 1st place, CAC, 3th best female

European dog show - our dogs:
Park Zgornjesavski (young):
excellent 1st place, young winner PRM, European junior winner 2010
Karhunkierros Inzaghi (open):
excellent 5th place
Klark (champions):
excellent 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOB, European winner 2010
Maxi Zgornjesavski (champions):
excellent 4th place
Rona Zgornjesavska (puppies):
very promising 2nd place
Diva - Loyd´s daughter (young):
excellent 2nd place
Osty Zgornjesavska (open):
excellent 2nd place, reserve CAC

Klark, european champion 2010

Congrats to everyone!

I would like to say thanks to all owners of our dogs for participation of the show and to all who rooted for us. It was really nice to meet friends and owners of our dogs after a long time of no seeing. Special thanks to the Brežnik family for dog hotel and excellent lunch, to Igor for all his help.


We would also like to congratulate to Drugi, Loyd´s son, for 5 major points toward his championship! Way to go Drugi!